Whilst we are closed at warehouse 11, we continue to run private and group lessons for skate, scooter & bmx over at our outdoor skatepark facility, monster skatepark.

We employ a variety of teaching strategies, styles, and curricular models with professional coaches to help riders build confidence and learn tricks

An integral part to our Development programs are Private and Group Lessons. These help cement the fundamental skills which are crucial in the foundation of an Action Sports Shredder. We employ the best coaches in the biz to ensure that happens. We run Private and Group Lessons in Skate, Scooter and BMX.  A private lesson is $70, and a group lesson is $30.

The coach picks up on the rider’s current level of skill and uses professional techniques to provide the participant with a clear path of progression to improve their action sports skills. They use demonstration and step-by-step breakdowns to help a rider understand the skill or trick, and work with the rider to help them achieve it.

We usually recommend that a rider joining our programs starts off with 1-2 private lessons to secure the basics, and then moves on to regular group lessons to development and build skills alongside other riders.


private LESSONS