The name of the program says it all… The concept of Project FreeRide is to ensure that BMX participants feel confident and comfortable when attempting tricks and skills on their BMX bikes. Our Pro Coaches demonstrate and assist, providing feedback for riders of all levels of ability. Our trained coaches make available progressions and techniques that will ensure participants of the Project FreeRide program develop into skilled freestyle BMX riders,

The program runs every Tuesday during the school term, with coaching starting at 6:30PM and finishing at 8:00PM. 

You are able to use the government-issued Active Kids voucher to recieve $100 off the program. As we are now in 2020, all children under the age of 18 have been issued with a new voucher to use. If you would like more information on how to redeem this voucher, head to our page ‘Active Kids’ .

You are able to book this program below. If you are using an Active Kids voucher code, please enter the Promotional Code ‘ACTIVEKIDS2020’, and then forward the voucher via email to us –